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CoreSolutions' Year in Review

2019 has been an exciting year for CoreSolutions! As we look forward to the new year, we enjoy reflecting on some of our most newsworthy developments from the past 12 months, and those who helped make our year so successful.

We started the year off with exciting news, as CoreSolutions Software was acquired by FreePoint Technologies, expanding our team as well as the services we offer. Although we still develop custom software solutions for a wide range of industries; together with FreePoint, we now provide smart IIoT solutions to manufacturers, so they can eliminate bottlenecks, and increase efficiencies.

This year also saw CoreSolutions pass a huge milestone – in April we celebrated our 30th anniversary of being in business, a feat we could not have accomplished without the support of our loyal customers and passionate employees.

Continuing our journey with FreePoint, we assisted in the development and release of the ShiftWorx API - enabling manufacturers to connect external resources to our ShiftWorx machine monitoring platform, helping to further streamline their processes.

In the following months, FreePoint also achieved not one, but two manufacturing awards:

  1. Top Digital Manufacturing Solution Providers of 2019
  2. Top Industrial IoT Solution Providers of 2019

Overall, it has been an excitement-filled year for both the teams at CoreSolutions and FreePoint Technologies. To our valued customers, dedicated partners, and loyal employees - we express our thanks, we couldn’t have made this year a success without you.

As we peer ahead to 2020, we look forward to sharing what we have in store with you.

Happy New Year!

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