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17 Reasons To Start Your Custom Development Project In 2017

The year of 2017 is already half over. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make cliché lists of things related to the ending two digits of the aforementioned half-over year. Here at CoreSolutions, we happen to love custom software. This love has inspired us to create this list of 17 Reasons to Start Your Custom Development Project in 2017. Remember, just because the year is half over, does not mean there isn’t time for you invest in custom software for your business or organization.

Enjoy the list of 17 reasons to invest in software in 2017!

  1. We’re in a buyer’s market – a “bull market”.
  2. Technology is increasing exponentially – don’t get left behind.
  3. A custom development project will future-proof your organization for forthcoming tech changes.
  4. No one likes sticking with the status quo – your staff don’t like it and let’s face it, neither do you. You do so reluctantly and not willingly.
  5. Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago – if software ROI takes on average 2 years, then your best bet is to invest today – since you can’t start your custom development project yesterday, then your next best option is to start it today.
  6. Outdated technology leaves you vulnerable to intrusion – hacking, hacking, hacking…
  7. You spent too much time managing your system logistics in 2016 – outdated systems are characterized by wasted time and lack of productivity.
  8. Studies show there is increased confidence in the economy, which means bigger tech investment - CEO’s of large corporations are optimistic about an economic improvement in 2017.
  9. The tech innovation boom that started in 2016 will flourish in 2017 – AR, VR, AI, the Internet of Things.
  10. Everyone is consolidating processes and integrating systems.
  11. Global IT spending and software spending is on the rise.
  12. You’ll get faster speed and more reliability out of a new custom software solution.
  13. Nowadays, it is an expectation that your custom software solution provider will be able to offer you a sleek user interface.
  14. A custom software solution will provide newfound ease of use for all team members at your company – a system that is simple for any user to navigate.
  15. In terms of developer hours spent managing your system and in the long run, it costs more to keep an outdated system in operation – money allotted to time spent making additions to the system, along with modifications and tech support, far outweigh the cost of a well-developed, new custom software solution.
  16. If Amazon is investing in grocery stores, no one can call you crazy for investing in software.
  17. With a custom software solution, you can have it your way! – you get everything you want in terms of features, functionality, processes, interface design and so on – it’s your vision that guides the project.

Whether it be to stay competitive in your market, to innovate and optimize your current processes or to overhaul your legacy systems, whichever of these 17 reasons you use to decide whether or not to invest in software, just remember – we love custom software. We have been building custom applications, systems and databases for over 27 years and we have no plans on stopping. If you want to speak to one of our software specialists, you can reach them at our Contact Page.

And as always, thanks for reading.


CoreSolutions of London, Ontario, is a locally acclaimed software development firm with over 25 years of experience. CoreSolutions’s team of experts, including developers and project managers, build web or mobile applications using the latest technology and tools and will assist you through all phases of the project including brainstorming, requirements planning and project management. Connect with CoreSolutions today to start your project with a Free Business Needs Analysis.

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