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What If CoreSolutions Were Superheroes?

In life, sometimes, it is good to have an imagination. I was posed with the following question: “If our department was a superhero, which superhero would we be?” This was a fun exercise – but then I got carried away. I started thinking about myself as a superhero, my friends as superheroes, my dog as a superhero and then finally, all the departments at CoreSolutions as superheroes. And that hypothetical conversation has brought me to this moment. I am writing a blog about every department in CoreSolutions, which superhero they would be, why they would be those superheroes and of course – which department would win in an epic superhero showdown. Let’s see where this goes…

First off,


image of the word admin designed similar to the Wonder Woman logo

Administration is our Wonder Woman. Our admin does everything around the office. Whether it is payroll, orientation, event management, office upkeep, general inquiries, proofreading or just about anything else you can think of that is not developing software, our Office Administrator handles it. And yes, she is a woman and yes, she is wonderful. Therefore, Wonder Woman seems like a fitting choice.


image of the word sales designed similar to the Flash logo

Regardless if Barry Allen or Wally West is your Flash, our Flash is our Sales Team. Not only are they quick with a joke, but they are fast-talkers and get deals done. When it comes to customer service and questions, our Sales Team are quickly on top of every situation and are there to help almost immediately. They travel from London to Toronto and anywhere else they are needed at a lightning fast pace. They may not be quite as fast as The Flash in a 100m sprint, but they move pretty quickly down that 401 when donuts are involved.


image of the words dev team designed similar to the Cyborg logo

The superhero that best fits our Development Team is DC Comics’ Cyborg. No, our Dev Team does not have metallic implants and they do not have modified robotic limbs, but they are all very intelligent and they are all incredibly good with computers. And, to top it all off Cyborg is a huge FileMaker enthusiast! Okay, I made that up – but he is a fan of software development. I feel like our Dev Team may win the epic superhero showdown because of their sheer numbers. One Cyborg may not win a battle, but numerous Cyborg’s would be tough to handle.

Quality Assurance

image of the words quality assurance designed similar to the Hulk logo

For every great Dev Team, there is an even greater Quality Assurance Team. Our QA Team does a great job of enhancing user experience, creating testing scenarios and of course – breaking things. And this why our QA Team is The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner may be a tad more destructive than QA – you know, with all the destroyed skyscrapers and planets and what not. But, they do their best job to find bugs in any of the systems that we develop. They find the bugs and in turn the quality standards for all of our software increases. Thanks QA!

IT Support

image of the words IT support designed similar to the Ironman logo

Now, every tech company has that team of individuals who seem to spend a lot of time fixing errors (mostly user errors), breaks (mostly coffee breaks) and just about everything else in the building that is in some way plugged into a wall. We like to call this magical team of individuals our IT Support. IT Support are tinkerers. They know how to fix problems that the average Joe just aimlessly Googles or cries over. They can turn errors into warnings, frowns into smiles and – if the situation ever arose – scrap metal into flying iron suits that shoot laser beams and save the world. That is why – if you haven’t already figured it out – our IT Team is our Iron Man. Keep being ironic Tony Stark… I don’t think that is how you use that word…


image of the word marketing designed similar to the Spiderman logo

Now I guess I should discuss Marketing since I am part of that team. But wait? What does Marketing do exactly? We are not quite nerdy enough to be nerds, not quite athletic enough to be jocks, just social enough to be likable and we think we are way funnier than we actually are. If you ask me, that sounds a lot like your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Those points, as well as the fact that we are deadly with a camera (have you seen our Instagram Feed?), we are always on the web, and talking about web crawlers is a normal point of conversation in our office, leads me to believe that Spiderman sums up our Marketing team pretty well.


image of the word management designed similar to the X-Men logo

Lastly, in this world where CoreSolutions are secretly superheroes, who would our Management Team be? Well, what superhero takes a bunch of misfits, has them join together as a team and leads them to success? Well my friends, that superhero has to be the leader of the X-Men, Professor X. Our management team brings all of the above superheroes together and allows us to function as a team. Departments communicate with each other, company morale is a top concern and great software is developed. We take pride in our work and the starts from the top and trickles down. Great management leads to happy and efficient employees. Thanks to our Professor X’s!

If you would like to join into this discussion and post which superhero you yourself would be, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. The more abstract the better. Happy superhero-ing!

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And as always, thanks for reading!

Steve Malott

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