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CoreUM—The Administrative Professional for Professionals

Wednesday, April 25th marks 2018’s Administrative Professionals Day. A time where we show our gratitude to all of the support staff and administrators who help make the world go ‘round. Typically, appreciation might be seen in the form of cards, chocolates, or flowers. This year however, CoreSolutions wants to offer a much more practical display of appreciation; one that doesn’t disappear by the end of the week.

For every meeting scheduled, appointment booked, and message drafted, there is an awesome administrator pulling the strings behind the scenes. From now on, let CoreUM take care of some of those strings, for FREE. Studies show that the average professional spends 5 hours per week scheduling meetings. Now you can spend less time scheduling, and more time doing… well, whatever you want. Designed to revolutionize the way you schedule meetings, CoreUM will empower you to focus more on the things that matter.



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