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Enhancing Productivity With CoreUM

How much time this week have you spent trying to coordinate meetings? How many times have you wanted to pull your hair out from back and forth emails that get you nowhere? If the answer is too much, or more than 30 minutes, you have to try CoreUM. Studies show a minimum of 5 hours a week is spent scheduling meetings—translating to roughly 6 weeks of wasted time per year. Let’s talk about how CoreUM is helping thousands of individuals save their business valuable time and money through increased productivity. CoreUM will revolutionize how you schedule and conduct your meetings.

Saving Time, Saving MoneyCoreUM icon styalized as a coin

Your time matters, not only does it matter, but its valuable. Why is this important? Because studies show that a minimum of 6 weeks are wasted per year scheduling meetings. Now, depending on employee’s hourly wage, those numbers can start to put a damper on your bottom line. If that weren’t enough, 33 minutes a day were shown on average to be spent simply attempting to schedule a meeting. An in-depth value analysis of 7000 managers and technical professionals within a major company revealed over $54 million in annual losses due to ineffectively planned meetings!

Addressing this back-and-forth of day-to-day meeting arrangements can result in serious financial gain for companies looking to increase productivity. In fact, according to Brandeis University, implementing a cloud-based communication system recovered 75% of time wasted attempting to schedule meetings.

That’s where CoreUM comes in, chock-full of features that take the headache out of coordinating meetings. Features like:

  • Calendar Integration
  • Contact Name Retention
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Attachment Uploads

All designed to simplify the meeting planning process.

What is CoreUM?

First of all, CoreUM is a meeting and web polling application—and exists to make your business (or personal) life easier, offering users the ability to propose meeting times to any number of respondents, and receive instant notification when responses are received (taking the hassle out of deciding meeting dates). In 2 simple steps, what usually could take hours is done and automated within seconds. CoreUM is also the only system on the market that includes quorum management; so, if the right members can’t attend, the meeting won’t happen, resulting in better used time, and more productive meetings.  

Systematic PollingCoreUM

The challenges don’t end once the meeting commences, unproductive meetings also take a hefty financial toll.  Billions of dollars are lost annually on unproductive meetings, and an effective means of solving that issue comes in the form of agendas, and polling.

With CoreUM, you can upload an agenda as an attachment, so everybody knows what needs to be covered, and at what priority. Then, when the time comes to vote or weigh in on key decisions, the systematic polling feature can be used to track votes, rather than counting hands up at the table.


Another way CoreUM revolutionizes your meetings, is with quorum management. Say you’re planning a board meeting to decide on the budget for the next fiscal year (or your planning a vacation with the family). Input can be gathered from all meeting attendees, but the final decision falls to the directors of the board (or the parents).

With quorum management, you can ensure the right people are at the right place, at the right time. So, when important decisions must be made, you can be confident the decision makers will be present otherwise, the meeting won’t happen.

Closing Thoughts

Like we mentioned earlier, your time is valuable. Retain as much as that value as possible by revolutionizing the way you plan meetings. If too much of your work week is spent juggling emails, coordinating dates and times, or receiving feedback from meeting attendees, CoreUM might just be the lifeline you’ve been looking for.

If you want to give CoreUM a test run, try it for free at

Or if you have any questions, reach out today.

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