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How to Convince Your Manager or Boss That You Need Training

Why Does Training Matter

Professional Development

You are considering asking your boss or manager to let you go for training, but you are worried that they won’t see the benefits and deny your request. This article will give you some tips that will help convince your boss or manger that training is needed. Whether it is soft, technical, presentation, team building or leadership skills, these techniques should help you get the training you need.

Before we dive into the suggestions, let’s start with a quote from Virgin founder, Richard Branson: “Train people well enough so they can leave – treat them well enough so that they don’t want to” (you can reference that quote if you need to).

Training is key to personal and business growth and after you finish this article, you will feel more confident when requesting corporate training and development from your manager or boss. Here are our suggestions:

Do Your Homework – Know Your Training Details

The first thing that you need to do to convince your superiors that you need training is to do your homework. Understand the learning outcomes, time commitments and complete costs for the training you are looking to take. If you know the ins and outs of the training program that you want, you will be much more prepared to justify why you need it when you speak to your manager or boss.

The Immediate Benefits of Your New Training

The first key point that you should make when requesting training is the primary immediate benefit. Whether it is new know-how for a software or personal skills that will relate to better team building, whatever it is, make that the first part of your argument. This will be the easiest part when speaking with your manager.

Trickle Down Training – Share Training with Others

The next suggestion is to focus on others. Tell your manager that you will create some sort of slideshow presentation or report and share that with both your superiors and your colleagues. If you offer the additional information you have gained to your entire team, your manager will be more likely to let you go and pay for the training.

Leverage Your Job Description When Requesting Training

If you have a specific duty that your job description states, but you do not feel you have been adequately trained to complete that duty, then be sure to leverage that. Basically, you are using your managers’ words against them.

Frame Up the Return on Investment for Training

If you can calculate (or estimate) how much time can be saved or how much sales will increase due to your new-found skills or information, then it is easier to justify the costs of training to your manager or boss. On the flip side, it may prove to you that it may not be worth it and maybe you should look into a different training opportunity.

Get Your Manager/Boss to Focus on the Big Picture

Managers and bosses are usually good at this, but if they are not, then ensure you get the big picture across. If your desired training has more long-term benefits than short-term, you will need to be very clear with your case. Focus on the benefits 5 or 6 months down the road or maybe even the benefits for next year’s forecasts.

Other Tips to Convince Your Manager You Need Training

  • Ask Colleagues How They Convinced Their Managers for Training
  • Understand the Rules and Regulations for Training Requests

Conclusion: How to Convince Your Manager or Boss You Need Training

You now have a few more tools in your back-pocket to use when requesting training from your boss or manager. Be sure to use these techniques and let us know how your request goes. If you have any other suggestions for people in this situation, be sure to leave them in the comments section below and we will be sure to add them to the list. Remember: stress the benefits for not just yourself, but for the company as a whole; do your research; and focus on both the short and long-term investment that your boss or manager is making. Hopefully, the next time we see each other, you have successfully convinced your boss or manager to give you that training that you have been hoping for.


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