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Low-Code Platforms

An Exploration of OutSytems and Zoho Creator

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the need for workplace automation software, as teams now need to collaborate from remote locations more than ever.

The Low-Code Boom

Low-code applications span from programs designed for citizen developers to IT-forward applications that require teams of developers, with many low-code apps having capabilities for both ends of the development spectrum, depending on needs and budget.

With many apps emerging to take advantage of low-code market growth, we wanted to explore some of the leading platforms in the space. Claris’ FileMaker is one such platform that we deeply understand due to its steady and enduring presence in the low-code space. This article explores the OutSystems and Zoho Creator platforms, as we feel that these solutions best fit different use cases.


OutSystems is designed to accommodate up to 11,000 concurrent users. For large, enterprise organizations, OutSystems is a great choice for use across multiple departments, because it's user-friendly and easy to deploy in different environments.

OutSystems is automatically optimized for use on web, mobile, iOS, android and Linux environments, without requiring any additional coding for mobile deployment. According to AppWorks, OutSystems supports robust web development “through the use of JavaScript, reactive web, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, microservices and so much more.”


The biggest strengths of the OutSystems platform lie in its technical nature. Per, "OutSystems received its highest use case scores when its capabilities were applied to mobile and web application for SaaS and ISVs, and business unit IT application use cases," making OutSystems a great choice for automating complex business processes and syncing processes across departments.

Zoho Creator

In contrast to OutSystems' complexity, Zoho Creator is lauded for its simplicity and expansive menu of pre-made applications. Zoho Creator shines for citizen developers, where ready-made templates can quickly be customized and deployed successfully. Zoho Creator also offers a platform for custom app development.

Our in-house platform tester was able to create a functioning incident tracker application in under an hour by modifying an existing template. This app featured pre-built capabilities to show map coordinates, create quick reports on accident type frequency, and send notifications.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an ideal platform for quickly automating simple tasks, with friendly pricing ideal for smaller organizations looking to automate workflows.

In Comparison

Both OutSystems and Zoho Creator offer ready-made templates and a custom development platform. Both solutions offer instant web and mobile functionality, which is budget-friendly because it saves coding time, and timeline-friendly, as no extra time is needed to deploy to web and mobile platforms.

We feel that OutSystems has positioned itself to excel with enterprise organizations, where multiple departments can collaborate and work on interdependent tasks and complex workflows. We feel that Zoho Creator is very easy to use for citizen developers, and is a great choice for automating small tasks, or connecting smaller organizations.

CoreSolutions' years of experience in automating workflows allows us to advise clients as to which solutions would best fit their needs. Reach out today if you are curious about your options for low-code workplace automation platforms.

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