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Saying No to a Salesperson

I have always appreciated a customer or prospect telling me no. In fact, the more info a prospect can tell you the more room for improvement there is.

The “no, your competitor has a lower price” or “your competitor has a different process” is info that can be useful for any future interaction— not just with that prospect, but also different future prospects. We as salespeople cannot win every deal.

Be Blunt, Avoid the Cold Shoulder

What can be frustrating for salespeople is the “maybe” or out-and-out lack of response at all. I implore anyone dealing with salespeople to be honest and blunt with your sales contact, it makes the process easier for both parties. The salesperson doesn’t have to spend time nurturing a prospect or lead that has no potential for closing, and the prospect or lead doesn’t get constant messages they have no intention of responding to. Like we stated in one of our past blogs, “In the end, it makes things easier for you, as you don’t have to avoid our phone calls and we will not follow up as often”.

It's Ok to Say No

Let’s say you have been combing the market for a development company to build a software system for your organization. After some time looking, you have developed a short-list of companies whose offers you are considering while having eliminated those who for whatever reason, you have chosen not to do business with. A short email explaining why you have chosen not to accept an offer or quote can go a long way with a sales rep. It allows the organization to better understand where they fell short so they can improve in the future and keeps your mailbox free of messages you don’t intend to follow-up with.

In sales, a no today is not necessarily a no tomorrow.

Just remember, salespeople are not made of glass – many of us have been in the business for a while and trust me when I say we can take the rejection of a no. No hard feelings!

Happy Selling!

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