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Sharing Time and Experiences Together

Each Christmas season I love the effort we splurge on to connect with friends and family. These are people we talk to on the phone, text, watch on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – we know more about their whereabouts and life than we did 20 years ago when we saw them regularly: so why do we go through all the effort of planning events just so we can ‘connect’ when we really have never stopped connecting.

The reality is there is no substitute for seeing the people who are important to you face to face. In a digital age of ‘connectedness’ we are full of information, but lack the main point of relationships – sharing time and experiences together.

It is the same for business: saving time to make contact with people is essential to understanding them and their needs.

Now, I am adamant on the value of technology in keeping teams located all over the world updated on their tasks and project progress, but at the end of the day I will always save time and take every opportunity to connect in person.

Remember the role of technology: to make doing tasks easier. If you use is exclusively then you have missed its point – how bad has it gotten for you? If at your next teleconference you can hear all you attendees in the cubes around you talking, then you have taken it too far… get a room next time.

Happy Holidays.

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