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The Magic of Colours in Advertising

I was recently looking at the various social websites and from the main social sites one colour stood out the most. BLUE. Was it coincidence or pure strategy that they all use blue on their sites?

Vision is the strongest developed sense in most of us, so it’s only natural that in many of our purchasing decisions, colour is a factor.

The colour blue is thought to be associated with intellect and the mind, making it the colour of communication, so when thinking so social media we think of communication!

The perception of the colour blue is associated with the likes of being trustworthy, dependable, safe and reliable. The business that chooses blue as its colour is thought to have all these positive qualities.

Even though colour is not the only ingredient in any marketing strategy, it is still the very first thing that hits people and it can leave an everlasting impression – first impressions are lasting impressions. Therefore don't underestimate the power of the subconscious messages that colours send to your market.

So when looking at the big companies we can see how they have used colours to capture their customers and portray their image through the choice of the correct colour.


OPTIMISM: Clarity Yellow UPS Nikon McDonalds
FRIENDLY: Confidence Orange Fanta Amazon Harley-Davidson
EXCITEMENT: Bold Red Coke Virgin Kellogg
CREATIVE: Imaginative Purple/Pink Yahoo Barbie Cadbury
TRUST: Dependable Blue Dell Oreo OralB
PEACEFUL: Health Green Tropicana Holiday Inn BP
BALANCE: Calm Grey/Black Apple Mercedes


Colour Field

At CoreSolutions we use Red to portray that we are exciting and bold and our PD Place product is blue ensuring trust!

So next time you look at a colorful advert, think about what emotions the advert is trying to trigger in you!

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