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The Workaround

One aspect of IT that appears in almost every project is ‘the workaround’.

You know this moment: you have just installed the new Out of the Box software when you realize it does what it says, but it is not how you do it.

Sometimes this seems minor, and you create an almost painless workaround using another off the shelf or custom product that then side rails your original vision.

Or worse yet: you adapt your business processes to suit the software… and while it may fix the software problem, your people are doing more steps than ever before so you lose the efficiency you expected.


Then it propagates.


Several new products and dozens of workarounds later, your business finds itself managing spreadsheets, home grown databases, and random templates to get the job done – it becomes a life of herding cats.

So back to the drawing board, and a new initiative.

But this time take that one crucial step: analyze your business and document what you do first – then find the solution, custom or consumer, that will get the job done.


Do you have a moment in your past you can look back on and see the pain it ultimately inflicted on your organization? Or, a story of success like no one has ever seen?

We would love to hear your story.

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