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Using CoreUM For School

School can be stressful. Whether you’re in high-school or post-secondary, coordinating multiple student schedules can be challenging. Especially when you have various groups and group projects on the go. Back-and-forth emails, unanswered text messages and missed calls are just some of the annoyances students undergo when trying to throw together a group project or presentation. These challenges are not unique to students, as teachers also encounter their own scheduling hurdles. 


A group collaborating on work

Luckily, there are a variety of solutions students can choose from when tackling group projects. Programs like Google Docs allow users to simultaneously work on a document from their own devices, making group collaboration easier than ever. Microsoft word even has a function to create shareable document links, allowing multiple people to edit a document at the same time from different locations.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to meet face to face (or over the phone) so everybody can discuss strategy and ensure everyone is on the same page, which is where it can get challenging.

CoreUM is one way you can streamline the entire meeting process, saving valuable time that could better be spent working on your assignment; rather than juggling group members. The easiest part? You don’t even need a CoreUM account to respond to invitations, you just need an email address! Simply set a couple of meeting date/time options, plug in your teammates email addresses, and let CoreUM do the rest. You will be automatically notified when all responses are received, allowing you to pick the time that works best for everyone.


As a teacher, there are various challenges that must be faced just to get through a single day. One of the biggest challenges, is trying to coordinate and organize 20+ adolescent minds, while trying to stay productive.  


CoreUM’s polling feature is one way teachers can simplify the coordination of their students. On days where students have to vote on a due date, or a topic (or really anything where hands have to be raised), CoreUM’s polling feature makes it easy. Simply by typing in the question, and entering your respondents, you can tally votes rather than counting a crowd of waving hands! The best part, is you only need to add in your class list once, then CoreUM can remember it moving forward.

MeetingsMultiple people in a green circle

Another regular hurdle teachers find themselves jumping is the arrangement of one-to-one meetings with students. Rather than sending 12 back-and-forth emails trying to coordinate your schedule with a students’, just use CoreUM! Give a name to the meeting, (like mid-term follow-up) and propose your available dates. Then sit back, and watch your administrative worries melt away.

Final Thoughts

If you find scheduling group meetings for projects is more stressful than the work itself, it may be time for you to try out CoreUM for yourself!

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