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Using CoreUM to Plan a Party

We have all been there; there is a birthday coming up, either yours or a friends’, and the struggle of coordinating everybody’s availability once again comes into play. For some reason, no matter whose birthday it is, it always ends up being about everybody else’s schedules. 

Where the birthday party conundrum really comes into play, is when planning a child’s birthday party as a parent. Your child really wants to go to (Insert overpriced children’s play-place name here), and now you’re stuck with trying to book 10 kids an afternoon of bowling/arcade/laser-tag—which can be a lot like herding cats. Such an endeavor can seem daunting for even the most experienced parents, what with the:

  • Deciding a location, date & time
  • Contacting each kid’s parents
  • Finding out who can/can’t come
  • What food should be provided
  • Making sure the best-friends can all make it

Luckily, with CoreUM, all the most challenging aspects of planning your kid’s birthday become a breeze!

Picking a Venuelocation icon in a circle

Once you begin to make your meeting (party), you will be able to input a venue. Integrating with Google maps, you can then view the location, and even attach the screenshot with simple directions. You can then ensure all your respondents have no trouble getting to the location!

Name Retention Image of a contacts book

We have all been there, you must contact your child’s friend’s parent, and you forgot their name. Luckily there is Facebook for that nowadays, but in CoreUM this problem is solved through our name retention feature. If you have the person in your contact list, just start typing the name, and their contact info along with full name will begin to populate in the text field. No more scouring through address books!

PollingChecklist in a green circle

In 2018, it can be next to impossible to predict people’s dietary preferences. Enter CoreUM’s polling feature! Set some food options for people to choose from, and then let them vote on what would be most appropriate for the party. It may be hard to please everybody, but you can simply determine the most popular choices, and offer those!


When making a CoreUM meeting (or in this case, a birthday party), you can propose a virtually unlimited number of dates and times for your respondents to choose from! After setting your desired dates and times, CoreUM will notify you when everybody has chosen a date, or you can even change the settings to notify you after each response. Either way, it takes the hassle out of deciding what day works best for everyone’s schedules.

Quorum ManagementBest friend ever in a green circle 

Finally, every parent knows their child has at least 1 friend that requires mandatory attendance. If their best friend can’t make it, it doesn’t matter how many of the other kids can. Which is where CoreUM’s quorum management comes in handy—ensuring enough “high priority” respondents attend, before securing a final date and setting.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re planning a child’s birthday party, or your own party, CoreUM simplifies the entire process so that you can focus on what really matters—having fun. Try it out for free today!

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