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Web Developer vs. Web Designer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who Should You Choose?

When determining whether to choose a web developer or a web designer for your next web or mobile application project, you need consider a number of factors - like the difference between the two professions, what their key focus is, and most importantly, you need to attempt to decipher exactly what you’re looking for in a web or mobile app.

The following, "Web Developer Vs. Web Designer" Infographic, provides a visual representation of the distinction between these two roles.

Web Developer vs. Web Designer Infographic

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Christopher Lawn



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  • Carla Houston
    Carla Houston 18 September 2017 Report

    Awesome, well-said web designer

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  • Christopher Lawn
    Christopher Lawn 09 May 2016 Report

    Thanks for commenting Web Designer! While I do think you're absolutely right when it comes to creating a cohesive user experience and I definitely see an overlap in duties being a common occurrence, I believe that on a whole, web developers approach and work through projects in an entirely different mindset than a web designers. Granted, their end goal remains the same - creating fantastic looking web and mobile applications that are engaging and easy to use.

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  • Web Designer
    Web Designer 06 May 2016 Report

    I personally believe that the responsibilities and duties of web design and development are so similar that they overlap at times because it is all about creating a cohesive experience for the user. Nice post

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