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The Cost Of Not Making A Decision

There is a cost to not making a decision and here's my story. I was once asked by a potential customer, "Who's your biggest competitor?" I thought to myself, was…

How to Know When to Purchase New Software

So, you’re wondering how to know when it’s time to replace your old software or move to a new software solution, but not sure when to take the leap and…

What If CoreSolutions Were Superheroes?

In life, sometimes, it is good to have an imagination. I was posed with the following question: “If our department was a superhero, which superhero would we be?” This was…

Pokémon Go & 5 AR Mobile Gaming Predictions

We’re nearing the tail end of summer and it’s safe to say that the hottest thing this past season was the mobile gaming sensation, Pokémon Go. During the first week…

Do It Yourself vs. Hire a Pro

Please note that this blog has a backstory and is therefore longer than a typical post. For all of you out there that are like myself and enjoy DIY (Do…

Skyrocket Your Company into Twitter All-Star Status

Twitter can be an extremely valuable tool for any business looking to increase brand awareness, foster niche communities, and generate interest in products and services. When an organization is active…

The Importance of Content Marketing to Current Customers

Content marketing has become a very important tool for many businesses. Whether you are writing consistent blogs, building engaging infographics or creating long lasting videos, you are using content to…
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