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I will add another misconception - Filemaker development is easy to learn


I have been working part-time at file maker development for 3 years now. I have pages and pages (fortunately all stored in Evernote) of tips, techniques, ways of doing so. I have bought and read a number of Filemaker books.

Filemaker is more a developer community than it is a well established development environment supported extensively by a large company. Without the large variety of material available and shared by Filemaker developers on the web, and well as the Tech Community, I would not have the skills that I have today. It all takes time. And sometimes, the stuff is so strange and estoric (e.g. the need to use Exit Script (false) in ST script triggers to Go to Field to work.

I personally believe that this is FM's biggest strength and its biggest weakness - the lack of a well organized, shared repository of all of this FM developer stuff that I have had to access to solve problems. Without people sharing freely like this, I would have given up on FM a long time ago, simply because it is so frustrating to solve problems like the one above.