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FileMaker 17 Has Been Released

Big news hit the FileMaker scene today with the release of FileMaker 17! Exciting as always, this new addition to the FileMaker lineup includes all new features, updates and improvements from the last iteration.

Alongside the release, FileMaker has also launched a variety of new starter apps to assist inexperienced users in creating things like inventory tracker, task management, or contact apps. Enhanced user experience, functionality, and capabilities are just a few of the benefits of this new version.

FileMaker 17 New Features

The key features in FileMaker 17 according to the press release are as follows: FileMaker Logo

  • Updated FileMaker Server Admin Console to match the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console
  • You can now Perform Script by Calculation
  • The Inspector can now be docked to the side of the screen—though the old floating inspector window is still available
  • Objects grouped together can be modified without un-grouping them
  • Drag and drop text, files and photos between apps
  • Auto-Complete
  • Sensor Support

Thoughts from a Pro On FileMaker 17

“FileMaker 17 is definitely a step up from the previous iteration. Modifying grouped objects is especially useful. In the past, if a group of objects was defined as a button, the developer would have to remove the button action before making changes to individual elements in the group and then add the button action back again. I look forward to delving into the platform and discovering all of the new features and changes that are sure to make life easier.”

- Evan Rawson, Development Team Leader

For a more in-depth overview of what is included with the new release, visit the official release page. If you have any comments regarding FileMaker 17, please leave it in the comment section below. I hope everyone in the FileMaker community is as excited as we are for this release.

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  • Greg Escaper
    Greg Escaper 18 August 2019 Report

    Filemaker 16 was fantastic, and now this new version looks even better. I will download this latest version as soon as my current project is completed. That will happen soon, so thanks for sharing the link of Filemaker 17 here.

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