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FileMaker 18 So Far

Approximately 4 months ago we were introduced to FileMaker 18 and the changes that accompanied it. New features, functional enhancements and security improvements have been added to enhance the FileMaker platform and how users interact with it. We wanted to reflect on what’s new in FileMaker 18, and what the new changes can mean for developers.

New Import Dialog

The addition of the new field mapping dialogue box has helped to improve both accuracy and efficiency within the FileMaker Platform. You can type in addition to drag and drop, as well as select which row contains headers instead of the first row as default. With FileMaker striving towards more easy-to-use interfaces, the new import dialog is a key player in simplifying the user experience.

API Updates

The latest FileMaker release also came alongside data and admin API updates. Leveraging REST-based API’s (which we have a blog about), the latest Data API enhancements enable more flexible and versatile integrations, as well as support XML meta data like script and layout names. In addition, the new FileMaker 18 Admin API has become a standard feature, making it easier to both manage and administer applications.

Managed Security

Security updates have also been made that enhance accountability and in some cases, restrict accessibility. With the latest security updates, you can assign specific users varying levels of access depending on their role. If you find yourself training a new team-member on your FileMaker system, you no longer need to worry about whether or not they will break anything – just limit their access within the platform.

Enhanced Barcode Support

Four additional barcode types are now supported in FileMaker Go, most commonly used in manufacturing, commercial and government environments.

The new barcodes include:

  • PDF417
  • ITF-14
  • Aztec
  • Data Matrix

Script Error Logging

With the new Script Error Logging feature, it has never been easier to debug your automated workflows. By using a preview script step, users can now record information about script errors into a log file that can be used later to recreate, and solve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Final Thoughts

As FileMaker continues to consolidate itself as the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform, more businesses are seeing the value in implementing a workplace innovation solution. FileMaker development, as well as integration, is being made easier to make it more accessible to people without a background in development.

To become more familiar with FileMaker and how it can help your business, check out our FileMaker Training Sessions. If you want us to take your FileMaker solution beyond what you thought possible reach out to us today, and let’s discuss your system!

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