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Quick Tip: FileMaker Best Practices

For today's blog we wanted to share some standard housekeeping tips for using FileMaker. This is for both new developers and for the developers who need a refresher on some best practices.

  • Make sure you have good backups using the built-in backup schedules in FileMaker Server.
  • Take a copy and save them as clones with no data, especially after you've made changes to layouts, scripts or relationships. Clones will be essential if you develop any kind of corruption in your files – and you can even configure FileMaker Server’s backups to backup clones too.
  • Periodically save your files as a compressed copy. This keeps the data but has routines that clean up the structure of the file. It's the kind of practice that takes about 15 minutes and can be done once a month or so.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any Quick Tips that you would like to share with the FileMaker community, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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  • Matt Leering
    Matt Leering 31 August 2016 Report

    Hi Manuel;
    The answer to your question depends on a few variables:
    1) Is your database system comprised of multiple files?
    2) Is your system hosted on FileMaker Server?
    3) What kind of structure clean up do you require?

    My recommendation for cloning is to usually use FileMaker Server to handle it for you. From FileMaker server's admin console, you can set up a new backup schedule. When going through the steps to do that, it will ask you if you also want to save a clone. If you select this option, then your backups will have clones of all your files for you. FileMaker Pro also has the capability to create clones however. This is a good option, especially if you don't have server, and furthermore if your solution is a single file system. To take advantage of this feature, go into File>Save a Copy As, and use the drop down to Save a:" > Clone"

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  • Manuel
    Manuel 30 August 2016 Report

    I want to save a clone with no data and clean up the structure of the file, any tips on how to do accomplish this?

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