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FileMaker Sequence Helper Solution

What is the FileMaker Sequence Helper?

SEQUENCE_HELPER is a module for FileMaker Pro developers that will make it easy for you to create re-orderable lists in your solutions.

How to Use FileMaker Sequence Helper

Installation is a breeze. There are only 4 things that you’ll need to do to get up and running with it:

  1. Create a new Calculation (text) field called "SEQUENCE_HELPER_ID" that has the following formula: GetFieldName ( <> )
  2. Copy scripts from demo file into your solution
  3. Give your sequence/order field a layout object name of “SEQUENCE_HELPER”
  4. Attach the “Increment Sequence” and “Decrement Sequence

You can download the Demo File Here.

If you have any questions, be sure to post in the comment section below.


Matt Leering

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  • Matthew Leering
    Matthew Leering 11 April 2017 Report

    Unfortunately, yes...
    Since it is doing a Replace Field Contents, it will chug a little if you have a huge found set.
    The user will be presented with a progress bar if it's going to take a very long time though, so at least there's that.

    Know of something more efficient than a replace?
    Always open to feedback.


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  • Sarah
    Sarah 10 April 2017 Report

    Neat prototype, thanks for sharing. If I change the number in the 2nd record to a higher number, i.e. 4, it makes it the 3rd record. Is this how it is supposed to work?

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  • robert
    robert 06 April 2017 Report

    Can I ask how this module copes with huge found sets? I am guessing the 'replace' might struggle a little too? Really nice demo file - very good ideas - cleverly put together in a robust way - thanks for sharing.

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