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FileMaker Training or FileMaker Coaching: Which Do You Need?

You are interested in improving your FileMaker skills, but you’re not sure which makes more sense for you; FileMaker Training or FileMaker Coaching. Both have awesome benefits that can appeal to people like you, but each has differences that are better suited for individuals based on the unique situation. In this blog, we will discuss the differences between the two and who each form of training may better suit.

Let’s Start with an Overview of Each

FileMaker Training

FileMaker training is a very structured approach to learning FileMaker. Most times, it involves yourself and several other individuals who learn from an instructor in either an in-class or online environment. These classes involve structured courses that have been created by FileMaker or your trainer and are tailored to fit your experience by our instructors. FileMaker Training is designed to give you a very detailed knowledge and overview of the platform. It is the more traditional route to FileMaker knowledge and has always been a popular way to learn and prepare for your FileMaker Certification Exam. We offer training in 3 tiers (FileMaker Basics, FileMaker Basics+, and FileMaker Intermediate) as well as many individual courses. check out our FileMaker Training page for information on upcoming courses.

FileMaker Coaching

FileMaker Coaching is a more personal version of FileMaker Training. With FileMaker Coaching, an experienced trainer will lead you in on-to-one or one-to-few sessions where your database is the main focus. A trainer will meet with you either in person, on the phone or online video chat. Our FileMaker Coaching sessions give you the opportunity to gain practical knowledge while working with trainers on your database. Coaching helps you understand FileMaker and solve your current challenges. You will receive a tangible benefit at the end of your coaching session.

Benefits of FileMaker Training

  • Tiered sessions for users of all skill levels.
  • Structured and consistent course content and length.
  • Available online or in-class.
  • Preparation for FileMaker Certification.
  • No prior knowledge of FileMaker needed.

Benefits of FileMaker Coaching

  • Timeslots and content is much more flexible.
  • Practical knowledge instead of more theoretical using your personal database.
  • Available in-person, over the phone, and online.
  • No class minimum sizes.
  • Only pay for the knowledge you need.
  • Tangible outcomes at the end of coaching.

The Best Option for You

So which option is best for you? It completely depends on your situation and preference.

If you prefer a tutorial-style approach where the courses are more structured and the learning outcomes are constant, then FileMaker Training is probably the best choice for you. Training works great for complete FileMaker novices or those looking to get a very detailed overview of the entire platform to take the FileMaker certification exam

If you prefer a one-to-one style where you have a more flexible schedule and are willing to work hands-on with your FileMaker solution, then FileMaker Coaching is better suited for you. If you have some experience with FileMaker and want a tangible result at the end of your training, consider FileMaker Coaching.

Regardless of your preference, we have the FileMaker training and coaching options suitable for any need. We have been training and developing in FileMaker for more than 25 years.

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