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Creating an Infinite Slider in FileMaker

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with all you can eat hamburgers

Module Description

This is an elegant way to display a virtually unlimited number of related images in a mobile-friendly way. I’ve dubbed it the “Infinite Slider in FileMaker” solution. It makes use of three slides in the slide control and attempts to keep the user on the 2nd of those at all times. Navigation to the first slide is treated as an attempt to see the previous image and navigation to the third slide is treated as an attempt to view the next image. The slide control was chosen for this task because of the fact that it has gesture support. This will allow your iOS users to be able to swipe in order to get the next (or previous) image.

Image of the Infinite Slider in FileMaker

Problem This Module Solves

Even though I’m not sure how many images I’m going to need to display (it can vary from record to record), I still want a polished way to be able to display them on my iOS device.

How To Implement An Infinite Slider

    1. Copy tables/fields into your solution

    1. Recreate both relationships in your solution

    1. Copy all the scripts into your solution

    1. Copy layout objects from the demo file’s “InfiniteSlider” layout into your solution

  1. Attach OnRecordLoad script trigger to your “InfiniteSlider” layout - Use “Display Image X In Popover” script with a parameter of 1

You can download the solution here and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Thanks for reading!

Matt Leering

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