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Why You Should Mobilize Your Workforce With FileMaker Go

FileMaker 17 released in May alongside a slew of brand new features, functions, and capabilities; including that of Filemaker Go. Giving you access to your data in the palm of your hand is a powerful tool, and one that if leveraged correctly could result in a variety of advantages for your organization.

Accurate DataTargeting Crosshair

Allowing you to streamline your business processes, FileMaker Go can provide access to your databases wherever you go, meaning data can be entered or retrieved from anywhere. Being able to access and add to your data in real-time means information will be more accurate than before, as well as more accessible. Having more accurate data means you can make more informed decisions with confidence. The benefits don’t stop there though!

Streamlined Processes

With your databases walking around with you in your pocket, there is no need to be on-site when accessing company data. That means less time spent commuting, and more time spent working and being productive. Streamlining processes not only frees up valuable time but increases the speed in which you can service your clients. Which brings us to the next advantage.

Improved Customer Service

Improved customer service can also be achieved once you have mobilized your databases onto your iOS devices with FileMaker Go. Allowing sales reps to enter, edit, or retrieve client data while in the field means less time spent waiting for the customer. Rather than having to retrieve pertinent data in-office, a rep can seamlessly retrieve accurate data to help better service the client being dealt with at the time.

Imagine this scenario:

A representative is having a meeting with a client who requests to see their purchase history over the past 6 months. Rather than having to reply with “I will get back to you with that”, the rep can seamlessly access the requested information, address whatever concerns the client may have, and continue to move forward with the meeting rather than hitting a roadblock. 

Your ability to quickly and accurately respond to client requests or concerns heavily impacts how they perceive your level of customer service. By creating a positive and memorable customer experience, you turn that customer into an advocate for your brand, which could lead to more referrals and potentially more clients. Organizations are prioritizing mobile strategies more than ever before, and with the opportunities mobilization brings to the table, it's easy to see why.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining fast and efficient data access is integral to ensuring optimal productivity, simplified processes and a quality customer experience. At CoreSolutions Software, we offer the latest and greatest mobile technology tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. If you would like to explore how a mobile solution could benefit your organization, or have an idea already in mind - reach out to us today!

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