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New FileMaker Pro Licensing Program

With the release of FileMaker Pro 17, FileMaker Inc. made some significant changes to their licensing program. Let’s take a quick look at these changes; overall, I believe they are positive.

FileMaker Pro The Application Has Been Replaced Logo for FileMaker 17

FileMaker Pro the application is no more and is replaced by FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Example If you had a 5-user license of FileMaker Pro 16, under a maintenance release you would receive a license for 5 users of FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced.

For those who don’t know, FileMaker Pro Advanced has been described as “The Developers Tool Box” or FileMaker Pro on Steroids.

FileMaker Pro Advanced includes tools such as:

  • Script Debugger
  • Database Design Report
  • Data Viewer
  • Create/Manage Custom Menus

These tools can be turned on and off on the install of FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced.

Every License Now Includes 3 Copies of FileMaker Server  

This Applies to VLA and AVLA customers. SLA and ASLA have different license components. Including 3 copies of FM Server now allows companies to have a production server, testing server and sandbox server. 3 silhouettes of men from the shoulder up

Adding More Users Beyond the Minimum of 5 Users 

Some past license programs have required increments of 5 users for adding additional users. Now with FM 17 VLA and AVLA users can add any number required in 1 + quantities.

One Master Install Code for License

Instead of having multiple install codes, one code will be provided. This is a great boon for IT departments. Exceptions to that rule would be multiple contracts with different expiry dates.

There are a lot of wins for the customer in FileMaker Pro 17, however there are increased costs for licensing in Canada. This is due to a currency adjusted increase in pricing.

Using our 5 user AVLA as an example for the adjusted cost increase:

  • FM Pro 16 AVLA 5 users + 1 FM Server= $1,085
  • FM Pro 17 Advanced AVLA 5 users + 3 FM Server= $1,200

There is certainly more value for your dollar in version 17. The inclusion of the FM Advanced and 3 FM Servers offsets the increase in costs.

This article deals with VLA and AVLA license options. SLA, ASLA and concurrent FM Servers are not covered.

If you have any questions on those programs or any of the above, feel free to reach out to me at 800-650-8882 x 803. Or, check out FileMaker Licensing FAQ.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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