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Why FileMaker Certification Matters

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For Developers

In FileMaker communities there is a question that seems to continuously reappear; “Is it important to become certified in FileMaker?”

The answer to this question can be found within the answer to a different question; what is your reasoning for using FileMaker? If you are a freelancer or you are looking for a new job or you are planning on consulting, for professional purposes, a FileMaker certification is recommended.

If you become certified in the latest version of FileMaker (FileMaker 14; available since October 6, 2015), you acquire not only the technical skills associated with the latest version (script workspace, new design tools, etc.), but are also allowed to use the FileMaker 14 Certification logo (provided you follow the branding guidelines) on your personal business cards, websites and any other marketing materials that your heart desires. If you are interested in joining an established FileMaker firm, this is great for your resume or if freelancing or consulting is more your style, certification could give you the edge you need to obtain new clients over other developers.

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For Businesses

Having a team that is full of certified developers is the ideal approach. Potential clients will be more apt to choose a development firm that boasts an arsenal of certified developers over a firm with none.

FileMaker Certification Matters

“As the FileMaker Platform grows, adding exciting new features in the mobile and web space, a well-rounded developer needs to demonstrate a wider range of skills and experience. Certification helps to demonstrate this achievement to hiring organizations.”

-Ann Monroe, FileMaker Senior Director of Marketing (FileMaker Press Release, Oct. 6, 2015)

At CoreSolutions, we have developers who are certified in multiple versions of FileMaker on staff and the skills they have gained through certification has helped our company tremendously. Similarly, according to their post in the Thoughts on Certification in the FileMaker Community based on the same question, Extensitech, Business Development Director Crystal Smith states that “[they] think it sends a message of credibility, longevity, stability and ability to [their] clients and potential clients.” The bottom line is that certified FileMaker developers are valuable to companies and if you are looking for a career in FileMaker software development, certification may be worth some serious consideration.

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For Customers

On the other end of the spectrum, what if you are looking to hire a FileMaker developer? Should they be certified? More specifically, should they be FileMaker 14 certified? What a certified developer truly gives you as the client is peace of mind and validation. You can be assured that certified developers have the knowledge and skillset to properly develop your solution. However, there are also great developers who are not certified. There are FileMaker developers who have been using FileMaker for longer than some of the younger FileMaker 14 certified developers have been alive. These veteran developers are just as, if not more, productive than some FileMaker 14 certified developers. It’s all about what you specifically need developed. Your project may not need the added functions of FileMaker 14 and a certified FileMaker 13, 12, 11 or even 10 developer may be suitable.

In closing, determine what your project needs, clearly explain the project to any potential developers and come to an agreement on whether or not that developer can turn your idea into reality. I’m sure you will find the right developer. If you have any questions about FileMaker, do not hesitate in sending us a message. We are always happy to help.

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And as always, thanks for reading!

Steve Malott


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