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Updating FileMaker Server Tips

Recently, I had to reinstall an older version of FileMaker Server; the original plan was to just reinstall the version that was currently on the Server, but along the way…

Quick Tip: FileMaker Best Practices

For today's blog we wanted to share some standard housekeeping tips for using FileMaker. This is for both new developers and for the developers who need a refresher on some…

An Interview With Kevin Mallon of FileMaker

If you’re looking to speak with someone who’s been with FileMaker since its inception, look no further than Public Relations (PR) Manager, Kevin Mallon. A modest man well known for…

Creating an Infinite Slider in FileMaker

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with all you can eat hamburgers Module Description This is an elegant way to display a virtually unlimited number of related images in…

Why You Should Upgrade Your FileMaker System

Over the years, there have been a number of different file formats that the various versions of FileMaker Pro have used. Currently, we at CoreSolutions Software Inc. are only supporting…

Basics of Good Scripting Practices in FileMaker

FileMaker Inc. has significantly modified the ways scripts can be written and tested. It is worth it to rethink our approach to scripting from the ground up. Scripting philosophies and…

Get On The FileMaker Training Train

My name is Kris and I have a pretty sweet job. I’m a FileMaker Account Manager (FAM). One of the roles that falls under my FAM title is FileMaker Training.…

FileMaker Licensing for Teams is Now Available

Now that FileMaker 15 has been released and everyone has gotten a chance to see all the new features that are available, we thought we would share a new licensing…

Business Benefits of FileMaker 15

As you may have heard, FileMaker 15 has been released. I wanted to help you understand exactly what this release could mean for you, if you should upgrade, and let…

FileMaker 15 Has Been Released

Hold on to your seats everyone, FileMaker 15 has officially been released! I know everyone has been excited to learn about the new features being rolled out and FileMaker has…
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