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Preparing for Your FileMaker Certification Exam

Starting with FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Inc. has offered certification programs for FileMaker Pro. Since then, it has offered certification for each successive version that it has released. The latest…

The End of FileMaker 11 Support

You may be aware that as of September 25th, 2015, FileMaker will no longer be providing technical support for FileMaker 11. This doesn't mean that your FileMaker 11 system will…

FileMaker Sequence Helper Solution

What is the FileMaker Sequence Helper? SEQUENCE_HELPER is a module for FileMaker Pro developers that will make it easy for you to create re-orderable lists in your solutions. How to…

FileMaker DevCon Review 2015

This year, the FileMaker Developers Conference was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having never been to Las Vegas I was looking forward to seeing the city – needless to say, the…

Creating User Records from Accounts in FileMaker

Why is this even necessary? There are Get functions that will return almost any information you might need with regards to the FileMaker environment you’re in, however, none currently exist…

History of FileMaker Infographic

[Updated May 2017] Because of the Latest FileMaker 16 release, we have updated our History of FileMaker Infographic. Not only has FileMaker 16 been released this year, but FileMaker Cloud…

New Features In FileMaker 16

It is the best time of year again; FileMaker has released FileMaker 16. The developers here at CoreSolutions are enjoying the new features and are very excited to share their…

Selling FileMaker Licenses

Did you know there are over 1,000 FileMaker license SKU's? I'm here to lead a riveting conversation about each one...hey where are you going??? O.K. fine, let's talk about the…
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