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Create a Shortcut Directly To Your Database

If you use a FileMaker database (or even multiple FileMaker databases) on a regular basis, then chances are you typically open up FileMaker Pro first, and from there either pick…

Barcode Scanning in FileMaker Go

Recently I’ve been doing some research into doing barcode scanning in FileMaker Go. While this is something that isn’t possible natively with FileMaker, there are companies that have already looked…

Quick Charting in FileMaker 12

We’ve done a few posts in the past on the charting functionality in FileMaker Pro, but one of the new features that they’ve added in FileMaker 12 that’s kind of…

Random Generator in FileMaker

I recently designed a small database for an office event. The event required 5 teams, and I wanted the teams to be randomly chosen. To perform a simple random selection…

ExecuteSQL in Filemaker 12

Early last year, I wrote an article on executing SQL queries in FileMaker. As I mentioned in the article, with FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier this is possible, but can…

Storing Files and Media Inside FileMaker 12

One of the principle features of FileMaker Pro 12 is how container fields have been re-engineered, permitting new features when storing files or media inside them. Previous versions of FileMaker…

Running SQL Queries in FileMaker

I’ve spent the last several years working on solutions using a variety of databases – primarily FileMaker, but I’ve also used MySql, SQL Server and even Oracle a time or…

Three Cool Interface Tricks

Back in the “day”, portals used to have one fill colour. Since FileMaker Pro 6 we’ve been able to alternate the colour of the portal rows making them easier to…

Virtually FileMaker Server

FileMaker Inc. doesn’t make a very big deal about it, but for years FileMaker Server has played nice in Virtual Environments. A Virtual Environment uses physical hardware and software to…
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