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Avoid Frustration Through Automation

Repetitive tasks can provide us with the little-wins necessary to keep us motivated throughout the day. However, small, repetitive tasks tend to become frustrating when they begin to take time away from larger tasks and priorities. California based software company, “SnapLogic” conducted a study revealing a staggering 90% of employees are burdened with repetitive tasks. Yikes. The silver lining here, is what happens when we start to unburden these employees, and help them take back their time?

A major misconception about automation is that “robots” are going to take our jobs, making us organic life-forms obsolete. Here at CoreSolutions, we tend to disagree, as we make use of a variety of automation tools that have yet to cost us our jobs, but rather improve and simplify many of our daily processes - while enhancing our productivity.

There are seemingly countless tasks performed throughout the day that could all benefit from a little machine-automated ingenuity, but for the sake of brevity we are going to discuss 4 automateable tasks that will help lighten up your work-load.

Data Entry

Data entry can be a cumbersome task and although simple in nature, the amount of time it takes to manually enter data into the proper places can eat up significant amounts of time. Time that could otherwise be spent doing more productive tasks. Enter automation. By enlisting the help of one of the many automated services available in today’s market, you can achieve faster processing times, and increased accuracy with your data.

Automating data entry could also eliminate what are known as Data Silos—data that is departmentalized and not easily accessible to other areas of the organization. By automating the entry process, you can ensure your data is uniform and consistent across all departments, and platforms eliminating the likelihood of your data being siloed. 


Emails have become one of the most burdensome parts of full-time employment. Read, respond, delete, repeat. The cycle can get frustrating. In fact, Carlton University researchers found people are now spending—on average—one-third of their office time reading and answering emails. Luckily there is no shortage of tools out there that can be used to bring back some much-needed sanity to your work week.

By setting up functions such as auto-replies and scheduled emails, you can take away a lot of the leg work involved in preparing and sending your weekly messages. If every Friday you send out a memo, build a template automated to go out at the end of every week, and update it with key points as you progress through the week. If you have a Gmail, there is a handy plugin you can use to take advantage of scheduled emails.


Depending on your industry, you may find that scheduling puts a major damper on your productivity. Whether you are scheduling meetings, appointments, or staff, it can be a challenge to decide a time and place all with one simple email; back and forth kind of becomes the standard. Streamline the entire process with one of the many scheduling software packages available., Acuity, and Shiftboard, all make excellent scheduling assistants. Automating your organizations scheduling will prevent double-bookings, data loss, and unnecessary use of resources. Many of the solutions available today also integrate with your online calendars, simplifying the entire process for you. CoreSolutions even offers its own meeting scheduler in the form of CoreUM, making the process of scheduling a meeting take a fraction of the time.


One of the most important facets of business is arguably the payment process. Both sending and receiving payments are of paramount importance, but can be both time-consuming and stressful. Bills must be paid, and payments must be received. Luckily, the predictability of payment schedules makes them super easy to automate.

Rather than making payments, and hounding accounts receivable, centralize and automate your payments all in one place. Banks have offered automatic payment options for years, ensuring you never forget to pay a bill. With services like Quickbooks integrating with your bank accounts, you can streamline both receiving and sending payment, while gaining valuable insight from their built-in data visualization tools. This means you can not only simplify your payment processes, but you can view trends, identify spending issues or payment bottlenecks, and actively make changes to improve your finances.

Final Thoughts

The future can seem like a scary place, but then again, so can the office. Reconcile one with the other by finding automation tools that can help take some of the workload off your desk, while helping you perform your job better. For even better results, couple automation tools with integrated systems to revitalize your efficiency and productivity. If you are looking for solutions that streamline your processes – or just some advice on the matter – be sure to reach out to CoreSolutions Software.

If automation has helped make your work (or personal) life easier in any way, we’d love to hear your story, so leave us a comment below!

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