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Mobilization Nation

It is no secret that mobile devices account for a large amount of distracted time throughout the work day. How many times do you have to self-regulate your mobile use…

Advantages of Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps are a game-changer for software development. In the past, application development meant having knowledge of native languages such as Java, Objective-C or Swift. It also meant trying…

How Virtual Assistants are Changing the Customer Experience

The consumer-experience landscape is experiencing a paradigm shift. Advancements in AI and PASO (personal assistant search optimization) are increasing the accuracy of digital marketing efforts while enhancing brand-consumer relationships. If…

How Integration Simplifies Your Life

Many organizations struggle with the complications that come along with having a variety of disconnected and disjointed systems. While the cheaper decision in the beginning may be to purchase multiple…

Advancements in Integration

Communication is of vital importance in the business environment. Communication between colleagues, managers and departments allows for information sharing that contributes to quicker, and more knowledgeable decision making. Too often…

Software Architecture and The Cloud

Has the promise of the Cloud Arrived? For business, new software tools can dramatically impact your efficiency and provide new ways in which to engage your customer. Providing access to…

Sanitizing Your Data

If you do any PHP programming that includes writing data to or reading data from a database, then it’s important to keep an eye on how you are entering data…

Understanding Software In Just 5 YouTube Videos

There are some people in this world who could sit down with you and discuss every aspect of software development from theory to practical uses with ease. There are some…

How Software Can Help You Live Better Life

What Exactly Is a Better Life? The first thing that we should determine is what exactly is a better life? Does a better life mean you have more money? More…

If Programming Languages Were Everyday People

Like yourself, I have contemplated a lot about coding languages. Why are there so many? Which one is best? Why are some so difficult to use? If coding languages were…
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