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Is your system feeling outdated? With a Legacy System Upgrade, we can help change that. Your software has aged – with aging software comes some unexpected results and performance. Systems tend to slow down as they get older and user interfaces may become troublesome or buggy. We will take your software and, together, help it reach its true potential!

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Automate your tasks and reduce the amount of manual effort required during your day.

Increase your system’s performance using the latest technologies available.

Our team of certified developers can take what you imagine and create your ideal system.

Our in-house design team are experts in responsive design; get access to your data through your mobile devices.

Create experiences that matter to your users. No more struggling with trying to navigate the system, or worse, trying to show others how to navigate the system.

Milestone methodology – meaning you will be involved in every step and every important decision.


A few good words from one of our clients.
The Global Group

I have dealt with a number of developers and in retrospect the experience with CoreSolutions has always been very positive in comparison. The other developers seem to have policy in place that is aimed at protecting their stake in the working relationship rather than ensuring a mutually beneficial experience and a positive outcome for the project being worked on. The relationship with CoreSolutions in comparison has been easy, open, and trustworthy.

Tony Trevisonno The Global Group

Your time is too valuable to spend with outdated software.

Let us create a simplified software environment and take some stress off your workday. Contact us for a complimentary needs analysis.

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