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Auditor for iOS

Auditor for iPad is simple and intuitive

Auditor for iPad is a simple and intuitive audit/checklist tool for businesses.
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Auditor for FileMaker

Auditor for iPad Does All This & More

Easily organize health and safety checks, home inspections and compliance records on your iPad.

Add and edit unlimited records and tasks

Creates detailed action plans

Stores photo, video, and audio evidence

Stores files and supporting documentation

Tracks completion of audits over a period of time

Lets you customize sections, sub-sections, and criteria

Captures a digital sign off on evidence or requirements

Upload files and supporting documentation

Email a PDF or photos right out of Auditor App

Are You a New FileMaker User?

If you would like to try out Auditor, you will need to have access to the FileMaker Platform. FileMaker offers a trial to their platform that can gain you access to FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, how-to videos, training materials and their app plan guide.

The Platform allows you to begin creating your own custom apps as well as try out other great apps like Auditor for iPad.

Here is the form for a FileMaker Trial.

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Auditor System

Health & Safety Checklists

Complete checklists for health and safety purposes.

Home Inspections

Keep up to date on inspections with Auditor.

Compliance Records

View history of compliance records on the app.

Note that to use Auditor you need to download FileMaker Go free from the App Store.

Some Examples of Auditor in Action

Audit Checklist Tool Action ItemPlan. Checklist Tool Multiple Audit checklist tool View

Demonstration Video