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A few good words from our clients

Custom Development Testimonials

Sekera Chokani

Sony of Canada Ltd.

The CoreSolutions business style and approach placed emphasis on understanding the customers need, then developing a solution that met that need in a timely manner. (It’s amazing what you get when people take the time to listen to what you want and build that as a solution). This came with lots of advice on options available (pros and cons). A great experience. I really enjoyed working with the entire team and appreciate that CoreSolutions stand behind their work and will support it when required.

Brian Herman

Manager, University of Guelph

It has been a very positive experience working with the CoreSolutions team. The developers were great in making program changes that vastly improved the efficiency for our users. Before bringing the system live, we were able to engage in a very collaborative and comprehensive revision process that really allowed us to hit the ground running upon implementation.

Tony Trevisonno

The Global Group

I have dealt with a number of developers and in retrospect the experience with CoreSolutions has always been very positive in comparison. The other developers seem to have policy in place that is aimed at protecting their stake in the working relationship rather than ensuring a mutually beneficial experience and a positive outcome for the project being worked on. The relationship with CoreSolutions in comparison has been easy, open, and trustworthy.

Pat Crawford

Mackenzie Investments

CoreSolutions has recently wrapped up the development of our new Project Tracking system – the second system I’ve had them build for me with two separate companies. I had a very specific vision in mind when I got to my new company. After the initial BRD (Business Requirement Definition) – which was only a half day – the team at CoreSolutions came back to me within a few weeks with a wireframe, that was bang on. It was not what I had pictured – but ultimately where I had wanted to be. Working with CoreSolutions is a highly collaborative endeavour – they listen to your feedback. In the 10+ years I’ve dealt with them, I can’t recall them ever telling me they couldn’t do something. I look forward to continuing to work with CoreSolutions down the road, as we continue to evolve our product.

Stephen Jeffrey

Marketing Manager, Ash Temple Ltd.

We needed a complicated solution to unify various data sources, multiple databases and extrapolate our finite data based upon variable constraints and rigid criteria. We used to do the job manually and it required up to 40 hours monthly of staff time to compile the final reports and even then the report was not 100% accurate. When we first met with your team, they helped us map out the various steps we would need to take to achieve our final result. Once your programming staff had an idea of the scope that was involved, they built a timeline to delivery and worked closely with our staff to stay on track. We were very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism your staff exhibited throughout the whole project. The final solution your team developed allowed us to easily run reports-on-demand, which in the end gave us much better detail and freed up a week each month of staff time. Overall efficiency in our marketing department increased and the stress level of the team decreased. It would really be hard to ask for much more!

Hazel Dick

Reading Recovery Teacher Leader/Principal, York Region District School Board

We worked with CoreSolutions on the design and development of a custom database and have appreciated the professionalism, immediate response time and honesty of the entire CoreSolutions team. We told CoreSolutions what was needed and they developed a system to meet our exact needs. CoreSolutions have done a terrific job and provided outstanding support. The staff has even modified the system to meet our growing needs and provided helpful suggestions regarding server needs and future development in the most cost-effective manner. Many thanks for your superb implementation of our project which has helped us get up and running within all timelines.

Christine Bukowski

Office Manager, Entific Canada Inc.

We needed a system to manage our warranty and product repair program between two remote offices (Toronto and Edmonton). I told CoreSolutions what I needed and they developed a system to meet our needs. CoreSolutions also gives me all the support I need in case I have questions.

Philip Cottrell

IT Director, Woodsworth College University of Toronto

We came to CoreSolutions with a fairly complex multi-tabled solution already in use to manage one of our college student services that included online booking, managing instructor schedules and appointment note taking among other things. CoreSolutions helped us take it to the next level by converting our FileMaker and IWP solution to PHP, allowing the solution to be scaled to service the entire University of Toronto campus. Our goal was to find a company with whom we could collaborate closely, so that our in-house team could continue to maintain the FileMaker side of the project. We could not be more pleased with the result, and the level of service and commitment to excellence that we have enjoyed. Everyone at CoreSolutions seems to be cut from the same cloth; they are passionate and energetic in their work. Congratulations Barney on assembling such a great team!

Software Training Testimonials

Denis Deziel

Business Manager, Research Casting International

We had a complex FileMaker solution that required support, but we lacked the knowledge to execute it. CoreSolutions stepped in to help us fill the gaps. Our trainer Matt was extremely patient and tolerant throughout the entire process, and despite changes in direction, he was always able to accommodate our evolving needs. I really appreciated the hands-on approach of the training we received, as Matt was there along every step of the way. Working with CoreSolutions has been both helpful, and enjoyable.

Tracey Wyeth

Certified Travel Counsellor, Aria Tours

I have been working with FileMaker for 10 years but I went to CoreSolutions for training because I really wanted to leverage a system I had already created and unlock its potential. Every interaction I had with them was great and I really liked the flexibility of the remote training and how it could be broken into manageable chunks. They always help me when I have requests or questions and really go above and beyond. Our trainer was amazing. He was very clear and had so much patience. He really makes the trainee feel comfortable and I’ve never once been let down. FileMaker can be the cornerstone of your business. It’s secure, not glitchy, and easy. CoreSolutions gave me the confidence to experiment with the backend of my database to unlock functionality that I didn’t even know was available.

Andy Lubczynski

Vice Principal, Corvette Jr. Public School (Toronto District School Board)

I recently attended CoreSolutions’ Core Curriculum FileMaker Pro training in Toronto and would like to say that it was the best computer training I have taken in my career as an educator. I would highly recommend CoreSolutions’ FileMaker Pro Training to any school administrator looking to further their professional growth! The training was practical and provided me with dozens of time saving FileMaker Pro database skills and concepts. The course has already saved me hours of development time and effort. The course guide and CD were loaded with excellent information!

National Research Council

London, Ontario

Enjoyed the class and the trainer. It was delivered at a level that was appropriate for me and the instructor was accommodating and patient when I needed additional assistance. The training materials were excellent and his level of knowledge was beneficial to our group. I would rate the trainer as excellent and highly recommend the classroom training (especially over self-study). He kept us interested and anticipated our needs. He has everyone here who participated hyped about using FileMaker Pro.

Deb Myron

Biotest Laboratories

CoreSolutions provided us with a custom made training session tailored to our company needs and user levels. The instructor’s skill level with many different programs and systems helped us streamline our business processes saving us time and money. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with CoreSolutions.

Sharon Farrell

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq

I really enjoyed the FileMaker training that CoreSolutions provided. The instructor definitely knows his stuff. When I left, my head was swimming with all the possibilities! Even though I have studied FileMaker for a year, I found the training was very informative, and it solidified my understanding of FileMaker Pro!

Rena Bennett

Cottage Life Magazine

The course was fantastic, and the instructor was terrific. The trainer managed to help people at all levels of experience with ease. I am really glad that I decided to take the course, and I have a much better understanding of FileMaker Pro thanks to the instructor and CoreSolutions.

ASETS Management System Testimonials

Cindy Hannah

Council of Yukon First Nations

The support that CoreSolutions offers is always extremely prompt and very thorough. The Assets Management System (AMS) database that CoreSolutions developed is a very useful tool. It aids in the management of our clients’ personal details and training plans. The system creates a file with all the necessary details that need to be reported back to our funders. Moreover, the personal modifications that allow for certification renewal management has been extremely valuable. Adding the recertification modification resulted in cost-savings. I would definitely recommend CoreSolutions Software for any software development project you may have.