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Pat Crawford, Mackenzie Investments

… “A highly collaborative endeavour, they listen to all your feedback.”

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In the 10+ years I’ve dealt with CoreSolutions, I can’t recall them ever telling me they couldn’t do something. I look forward to continuing to work with CoreSolutions down the road as we continue to evolve our product.

CoreSolutions has recently wrapped up the development of our new Project Tracking system – the second system I’ve had them build for me with two separate companies. After the initial business requirements definition (BRD) – which was only a half day – the team at CoreSolutions came back to me within a few weeks with a wireframe that was bang on. While it was not what I had pictured, it was ultimately where I had wanted to be!

Our aim was to get a solution that mimics our workflow. We needed something that gave the opportunity to meet everyone’s needs and the opportunity to further customize it to meet departmental needs.

CoreSolutions delivered exactly what we were looking for.

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