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FileMaker Features You Love

Remotely manage project information.

Have the FileMaker Features you love in the palm of your hand, everywhere you go, with CoreSolutions and FileMaker Go. We can build solutions that will give you remote access to your databases on the iPad and iPhone. You can view, edit, search, and share information easily.

Image of example CoreSolutions FileMaker Go App displayed on iPad

Remote Access Your Database w/ FileMaker Go

You can view, edit, search & share on the go.

Example Uses of FileMaker Go

An Ever Growing List:

Inventory checks and invoicing at deliveries

Take sales orders and get custom reports on site

Track shipping and receiving activities

Remotely manage project information

Access patient records while making hospital rounds

Attendee check in at tradeshows

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A few good words from one of our clients.
Woodsworth College Testimonial

We came to CoreSolutions with a fairly complex multi-tabled solution already in use to manage one of our college student services that included online booking, managing instructor schedules and appointment note taking among other things. CoreSolutions helped us take it to the next level by converting our FileMaker and IWP solution to PHP, allowing the solution to be scaled to service the entire University of Toronto campus. Our goal was to find a company with whom we could collaborate closely, so that our in-house team could continue to maintain the FileMaker side of the project. We could not be more pleased with the result, and the level of service and commitment to excellence that we have enjoyed. Everyone at CoreSolutions seems to be cut from the same cloth; they are passionate and energetic in their work. Congratulations Barney on assembling such a great team!

Philip Cottrell IT Director, Woodsworth College University of Toronto

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