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FileMaker Coaching

Personalized One-to-One Sessions
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Have You Considered FileMaker Coaching?

If you need help with your FileMaker database, but do not think you have the time for FileMaker Training, then FileMaker Coaching may be a better option for you.

With FileMaker Coaching, an experienced trainer will lead you in one-on-one sessions where your database is the main focus. A trainer/developer will meet with you either in person, on the phone or online video chat. Our FileMaker Coaching sessions give you the opportunity to work with our senior development staff to develop your solution.

Find The Best Time For Your Schedule

Convenient, Professional and Personalized.

These sessions will allow you to learn some FileMaker techniques first-hand while also optimizing or fixing your personal FileMaker solution. Whether it is for work or a personal project that you have taken on, our FileMaker Coaches will help you along the way. Work to develop your own database while improving your skills. If you have any question regarding FileMaker Coaching, please call +1-800-650-8882 or fill out our Contact Form.

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