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Software Integration

Simplify Your Life, Two Systems at a Time.

Break Down Data Silos in Your Organization

Because your systems are stronger together.

Let your systems talk to one another. With the help of custom API’s, microAPI’s, cloud-based systems, and legacy data migration: We have the experience to take your idea from planning to reality, faster than you thought possible.

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Connect Your Data, Streamline Your Day

Revamp your business with software integration solutions

Software integrations are more important and more obtainable than ever. Custom API's advance your business into the next era of information. Pursue progression; integration future-proofs your processes.

The benefits of integration are boundless. Access the integral information that your business requires across your complete software brigade. Your data seamlessly synthesized from your databases to your systems as well as your team's mobile devices.

Integration between all devices. Mobile, web, desktop.

Initiate Launch. Destination: Integration Station

step into the next generation of software

Limitless Data Connectivity

Eliminate Software Friction

Seamless API Delivery

Simplified User-Experience

Future-Proof Technology

Continuous System Support

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API-led connectivity will transform your business.

Perfect Opportunity to Integrate Your Systems

Legacy system integration is available

Integrations form the ultimate union of your systems. Stop using Excel sheets and stop manually importing data. Web and mobile connectivity for your data means a simpler end-user experience for your team and an optimized decision-making process for yourself.

Benefits of using CoreSolutions for software Integration.
Benefits of using CoreSolutions for software Integration.

Modernize and Streamline Your Systems

No matter the size and complexity of your systems, our team can integrate your data.


Web Apps to Mobile Apps

Payroll to HRIS

One-Stop-Shop Reporting

Mobilize your workforce with mobile integrations.


A few good words from one of our clients.
The Global Group

The CoreSolutions business style and approach placed emphasis on understanding the customers need, then developing a solution that met that need in a timely manner (It's amazing what you get when people take the time to listen to what you want and build that as a solution). This came with lots of advice on options available. A great experience. I really enjoyed working with the entire team and appreciate that CoreSolutions stand behind their work and will support it when required.

Sekera Chokani Sony of Canada Ltd.

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