Conversations From A Trade Show Floor

Conversations From A Trade Show Floor

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Conversations From A Trade Show Floor

Conversations From A Trade Show Floor

I recently manned the FileMaker booth at the GTEC (Government Technology Exhibition & Conference) tradeshow in Ottawa. I was wearing both a FileMaker and CoreSolutions hat for this event. You hear a lot of different conversations.

This was FileMaker’s first time at the Ottawa GTEC show. I was glad to help FileMaker at this show, and I think the Federal Government and local Ottawa market will provide more business opportunities for FileMaker by repeated forays in the market.

Trade shows sometimes have lulls in the action, and during these lulls you hear some interesting statements.

“FileMaker Pro is still around? Wow!” Said one excited attendee.

“I remember FileMaker Pro From…” I heard this one more then once.

“Is FileMaker relational yet.” This from a person that never used FileMaker Pro beyond version 3

“I remember FileMaker from version 2.” He liked the product and was glad it was still around

“I used to use version 1, how is it different?” Said a person who I judged would not want to wait around while I went over versions 2 through to 12.

“I stopped by the booth because of the picture of the iPad and iPhone on your booth display.” This was the most common phrase.

Sometimes I wondered if they wanted to “borrow” my ipad. People could not believe that FileMaker could be used on the iOS. Their usage of the iPad could end up driving the software.

As I heard all of the above, I started thinking…What does it say about an application that is remembered fondly but not forgotten.

FileMaker Pro has staying power but it is more then that. FileMaker has grown as the market has changed. In many ways FileMaker is staying ahead of the market trends.

FileMaker has left those people behind, by chance or circumstance, who no longer use FileMaker Pro.

As the FileMaker Account Manager here at CoreSolutions I am always surprised at how far behind some customers are when using FileMaker Pro or even maintaining their hardware. The number of issues that arise from older software and hardware are very preventive and will save money over time.

Staying current with any software provides inherent advantages

  • Return on investment
  • Staying ahead and sometimes trending ahead of the technology curve saves money
  • Rapid deployment of software will often lead to dollars saved
  • New technology can lead to innovative and better use of software

The GTEC event came full circle when the last person who came to the booth started picking up FileMaker Pro Brochures. I glanced at his badge and he worked for WordPerfect, so I said, “I did not know you were still around.”

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