FileMaker 15 Has Been Released

FileMaker 15 Has Been Released

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FileMaker 15 Has Been Released

FileMaker 15 Has Been Released
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Hold on to your seats everyone, FileMaker 15 has officially been released! I know everyone has been excited to learn about the new features being rolled out and FileMaker has not disappointed. Just as FileMaker did with 14, 13 and all of their other predecessors, new features have been added that increase usability, functionality and the capabilities of the platform.

FileMaker 15 New Features

The key features in FileMaker 15 as listed by FileMaker in their press release are as follows:

  • Enhanced Mobility – TouchID, 3D Touch, App Extensions, iBeacon and WebDirect mobile phone support.
  • Automation & Integration – Undo scripting, highlighted script errors, in-product updates and ESS Adapter.
  • Ease of Use – Basic Starter Solutions, web-based Help and updated user interface.
  • Increased Security – Proactive security warnings, concealed edit box. SSL certificate enhancements and more supported SSL certificate types.
  • Measure Performance – Portal in-line progress bar and top call statistics logging.

What FileMaker Developers Think About FileMaker 15

“FileMaker 15 definitely has some cool new features. Although the focus on mobility features are awesome, one of my favourite new features is the ability to clear truncate tables. It is a great addition that will save fellow developers and I countless hours. Another feature that will be very helpful is the highlighted script errors – well, it’ll be helpful for developers who make errors ;). As with every release of FileMaker, I am excited to really dive into the platform and try out all of the new features. One of my favourite parts of trying out new releases is finding all the small surprise updates that you didn’t know were coming. Enjoy FileMaker 15 everyone, I know I will!”

- Matt Leering, FileMaker 14 Certified Developer

If you have any comments regarding FileMaker 15, please leave it in the comment section below. I hope everyone in the FileMaker community is as excited as we are for this release.

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