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Children's Educational Facility Web App

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Children's Educational Facility Web App


A government agency required a system to help manage information associated with licensed early childhood facilities, programs delivered at those facilities, facility site inspections as well as facility payments received. Their staff were using a large number of Excel spreadsheets to manage this information, which was a very time-consuming process, as the data had to be entered multiple times and was prone to error. Their heavy reliance on Excel also meant that producing reports and sharing information was extremely time consuming.


We wanted to create a database that would be stored on a central server and would be used to replace the practice of utilizing spreadsheets. We needed to develop the system to work across many remote locations and have facility and payment information accessible to multiple sites. To begin, we needed to do an initial data conversion of their existing data so that we could use it in the new Database. Because of the complexity of the system, we built and rolled out this project in multiple phases, to assist with the change management process and to let users get accustomed to the system.


The system curbed the organizations dependency on Excel. Reports and statistics are now readily available and once trained, staff could produce their own reports – thus, freeing up time for system administrators to tackle other challenges. The system greatly increased overall productivity, while simultaneously improving efficiency and providing the client with faster access to more reliable data.


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