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Lead/Sales Management App

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Lead/Sales Management App


We were tasked to build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application in which customers could use to track leads and sales. A standard system that had the essential features of a CRM was what was wanted. Customer data needed to be viewable from when and wherever users were. We were up for the challenge.


Our team of FileMaker developers came up with a project plan. We wanted to create a visually stunning app and web application. This app would be responsive and stunning on any kind of mobile device. We wanted to create an app that they could truly use anywhere. We wanted to implement dashboards for leads, companies and customers – each having their own details page where our client could keep track of anything from notes about a sales meeting to number of employees that a company has. Also, having their own personal branding on the app was very important to them, so we said we would make that happen.


Users absolutely loved the design and effectiveness of the application. They tell us that they love the fact that they can access customer contact information, or history, or notes made from previous meetings wherever and whenever they want. We also left the door open for customizable features so if anyone has a new feature request, we can develop that for them. The CRM application is now being used by multiple companies across the country with outstanding reviews.


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