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Custom Ordering & Tracking System

Centralized Data. Simplified Processes.

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Custom Ordering & Tracking System


A client was looking for an experienced team who could build them a software solution which would help them integrate an older system they were using with a newer software. Together, we decided that building a new system that would allow them to locate any data they may need across their entire organization was the path they wanted to take. They needed one seamlessly synchronized system.


Our goal for this project was to create a centralized system that would allow for seamless data import throughout their entire system; a robust system that could store tracking and ordering information while remaining easy to navigate for the client. We wanted to build a system that could smoothly manage the logistics of their business.


The system was built on time and budget and was implemented immediately. The client saw immediate positive results in regard to the way their data was managed. No more using multiple systems – our solution simplified their processes, saved them time every day and ensured a more accurate method of using their data.


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