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Construction Safety Application

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Construction Safety Application


This mobile application was originally developed for a construction company who were searching for an application that they could use onsite, which would help them track their current jobs and manage the equipment and resources that the job was using. The app needed to work in environments where there would be no Wi-Fi and it needed to be easy for multiple users to learn how to navigate through the system.


We needed to create a robust mobile application that could be used by non-technical individuals, so a simple user friendly interface was important. The app needed to stand out visually and help users get their job done in the simplest way possible. We needed to have a field ticket screen so that user could manage their site and other information, like safety checklists. This normally very paper-intensive process would need to be moved completely mobile and paperless.


With the completed application, users loved how their job now involved less paperwork and more gathering and sharing data. We made the app have both a robust backend and a user-friendly frontend. Users who were not very experienced with mobile apps picked it up with ease!


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