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Professional Development Software


What do you do when the educators need to be taught? A school board came to us seeking help with a large project they were planning. They requested a responsive professional development repository that would allow them to track, manage, and report on all professional development activities of the staff in the school district. The product had to be intuitive for all staff and robust enough to manage every aspect of their training.


We wanted to make sure this large project was completed to our customers’ exact specifications. We met with them and vigorously planned out what they needed and how we were going to develop those needs. They needed features like user registration, online payment and an automatic notification system, among many others. We wanted to create a system that was both visually appealing and had a robust backend that could manage such a large amount of users.


The professional development system was implemented with outstanding success, and eventually was implemented in educational districts all across North America. Users gained a much more focused understanding of their professional development and countless hours of scheduling, inputting professional development data, sending notifications and registering users for courses, among many other tasks are now automated. The system has also expanded to several municipalities and non-profit organizations across the country.


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