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Checklist App - Auditor

Simple Audit/Checklist Tool.

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Checklist App - Auditor


CoreSolutions was tasked to build a FileMaker Go solution to be featured in the FileMaker Sample App Showcase. We built a simple checklist tool that could help keep track of onsite issues for auditing purposes. It needed to be responsive, easy to use and demonstrate the power of FileMaker on a mobile device.


Using the expertise of our certified FileMaker developers and designers, we created a mock-ups for the checklist tool. However, we also wanted to implement the option to take photos of the items on the checklist, so the users could report back with visual support. We wanted to make the users experience as simple as possible.


The app was successfully featured on the FileMaker Sample App Showcase where the 30 day trial was downloaded multiple times. Users can bring iPad’s onto any site and perform audits with ease. The simplicity and organization of the app, along with the ability to add photos into their reports has created a lot of positive feedback.


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