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CoreUM - The Ultimate Meeting Application

Revolutionize your meeting scheduling.

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CoreUM - The Ultimate Meeting Application


Finding a meeting time that works for everyone can be a battle of long email strings and accidental double-bookings. The endless back and forth communications and steps – reviewing calendars, finding out the best place to meet, setting up a call-in number, adding the meeting to the calendar, and inviting all the necessary attendees. The process makes your meeting a hassle before it even starts. Because board members for non-profit organizations are usually community members from businesses, churches, politics, etc., there is not usually a shared communication or email system that they all use. This creates problems because for decisions to be made, quorum had to be achieved at meetings, yet scheduling all these unique and isolated individuals for a single time that worked for everyone was near impossible.


After experiencing this first hand, the team at CoreSolutions decided that we wanted to create an application that would simplify the process of coordinating individuals who do not share a communication system. The application would need to be simple to use due to the wide range of users on non-profit boards and responsive, so people could easily access the application on their desktop or their mobile device. The application needs to be able to send several possible meeting times to all board members and then the board members would need to pick the dates and times that work best for them. Once all meeting invitees had voted, the application must then be able to recommend the best date and notify all attendees. Also, this app would need to integrate with many different calendar applications because range of users is so vast.


CoreUM is truly revolutionizing meeting scheduling. There is a simple sign up process and an even simpler 2-step meeting creation process. CoreUM can integrate with all major calendar application (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), and works across all platforms. More importantly, invites can be sent to anyone with access to an email—they don’t need to have a CoreUM account. CoreUM is also the only system in the market to include quorum management; putting a singular focus on the user experience results in the most feature-rich solution on the market. From executives to educators, and mom's to managers, CoreUM simplifies meetings for everybody!


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