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Delivery Logistics Management System

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Delivery Logistics Management System


As a delivery service provider for various eating establishments, it can be difficult to arrange deliveries with drivers and restaurants all at once. The more deliveries you receive, the more drivers you need and the harder it becomes to coordinate orders. Previous solutions offered direct integration from delivery sites or by telephone to a dispatch provider. In a large student-centric market, food delivery is quite popular, which results in extremely high call-volume from restaurants requiring delivery services. Due to this high call-volume, there is a large demand for dispatchers, which limits growth potential.


Our client requested a solution that possessed a branded user interface and provided logistics and visibility into delivery activity in real-time. By providing real-time data, the delivery process could be streamlined for both restaurants, and drivers. We wanted to alleviate demand put on dispatchers by providing restaurants the ability to quickly and easily enter deliveries that go directly to the provider. This would allow for faster scalability by avoiding bottlenecks in the delivery process.


The software entirely simplified the delivery process for the organization. Their new system was a simple, easy to use application that allowed restaurants to directly input delivery information that was then relayed directly to the driver. Dispatch, departure and delivery time, as well as road conditions were now clearly visible to both the organization and the restaurant. Providing driver contact info, and real-time delivery updates, the strain on and demand for dispatch was eliminated, allowing room for growth, and eliminating bottlenecks.


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