Resource Management Software

Customer and Production Management

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Resource Management Software


A company that designs and executes At-Retail Displays, Signage and Décor approached us initially to design a database that they could use to keep track of customers, sales opportunities and quotes, production, etc. As the client has continuted to grow, their needs have increased to keep track of inventory; an online portal for clients, and mobile solutions for keeping track of receiving and inventory on the iPad.


Initially they needed a database for the people in the office to keep track of their clients; sales opportunities, quotes and production information. Over time as the company grew they eventually needed to keep track of inventory, as well as orders from clients. They also needed a way for clients to view/create orders over the web; as well as letting a way for employees to keep track of inventory and receiving on mobile devices that aren’t necessarily connected to a network.


We built a FileMaker database to allow users in the office to manage clients, sales opportunities and production information. That database has expanded to include tracking client orders; inventory, shipping and receiving. We then built a php based website for clients to view and create orders that syncs data from the FileMaker database. Recently we have been building FileMaker Go solutions to allow users to track and receive inventory and sync with the FileMaker server.


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