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Resource Management Software

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Resource Management Software


One of Canada's most awarded Point of Purchase (POP) companies and full-service providers of in-house Creative, Print, Production and Fulfillment capabilities was tracking their business information with a combination of several different software systems including: FileMaker, Salesforce, and Sage, Accpac ERP accounting software. Because the many different software systems were not integrated, Microsoft Excel was needed to consolidate information and create reports. This caused considerable inefficiency with duplicate data entry and needed to be streamlined.


The goal of this software project was to create a single solution that would house all important information from these systems in a central place. This system needed to be modular in order to have additional systems added in the future if need be. There was a need for this new system to be intuitive and simple for a wide range of users. Providing a simple interface with multiple access permissions for different users based on their roles was critically important.

This system would be pulling data from various sources and needed to ensure that duplication of data was reduced dramatically – if not eliminated completely. This system had to optimize the data from more complex systems to ensure streamlined reporting. These streamlined reports would allow for the Sales team to better interact with the studio to determine the status of projects.


The new system really POPped! Developing on the FileMaker Platform reduced the software data silos and reduced the time it took for data to be consolidated and reported on. The system was accessible by all employees ensuring that company data was more transparent and departments could communicate more effectively.

  • Eliminated Dual Entry Errors
  • All New Features, Including Quick Find, Quick Reports & Dynamic Reporting
  • Streamlined and Removed Manual Processes
  • Modernized System Reduced Number of Mundane Tasks
  • Significant Time Saved


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