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Health Clinic Management System

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Health Clinic Management System


A high-volume hospital had a system in place that had become outdated in the face of industry work flow and data access changes. Requiring a system redesign, the hospital hoped the newly designed application would be future-proofed and able to capture work-flow and data for years to come. Since the existing system was FileMaker-based, the revamped system would need to be able to communicate with the FileMaker back end, while providing an intuitive and updated web-based front-end.


The newly designed system would need to allow for less manual data entry, and more of a flow for patient data entry. Dashboards would need to include up to date data on visitor lists, check-ins, and appointment bookings. Real-time room availability was also necessary to ensure no double bookings. Doctors would need access to waiting lists, vital stat summaries, task assignments and patient lists.


Overall, the work-flow saw drastic improvements with the ability to assign, follow and complete tasks. Staff efficiency increased by saving time previously spent on manual data entry. The use of the Doctors dashboard also improved customer service, with less time being spent sifting through patient records and identifying priority tasks.


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