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Electrical Data Management System

Electricity Meter Management

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Electrical Data Management System


An international electrical Meter Data Management provider who offers software and data services for utility, municipal, industrial, commercial and residential consumers across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean Market had a legacy system built with older technology that had become outdated and was officially becoming unsupported by the current developer. The client needed to update their system with a new focus on mobile optimization for their customers before the technology became outdated.


Because their current platform was being phased out, coupled with its inability to effectively engage and adapt to the ever-evolving mobile market, a mobile-first approach needed to be taken. The client needed a new interface that improved the user experience and made data more easily accessible for decision makers whenever they need it. With their new system, the client wants a responsive web-based system that focuses on ease of access as well as security. When customers access the system, it needs to be a seamless and professional experience. Aside from the customer-facing interface, there were also several operational features that the client required including login tracking, password management/security, single-sign-on, two-factor authentication, and the ability to customize password policies for individual customers.


The new system was electrifying! The outdated technology was replaced with a responsive HTML5 interface. The new system was more comprehensive, intuitive, and the responsive interface enabled the client to continue the evolution of the product in the future. The new system introduced widgets to the interface which allowed for users and administrators to individually customize their dashboards, providing quick and effective access to the data required by each individual user. Along with the HTML5 interface, the new system utilized Java web services and an Oracle database to ensure the best functionality and security.

This project resulted in a complete system security upgrade which includes enhanced access controls for all users. Users have a much more fluid experience with the system and, now that the system interface is responsive, customers can access their important data from the convenience of any device.

Overall, this new system is more responsive and ready for the mobile-world, is scalable and ready for expanded deployment, and is more intuitive which means customers are more satisfied. Now those are statistics that are worth measuring!


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